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AUTO FARM GWO - Unlocked (NEW)

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Rebase Yield: -%
Next Rebase in --:--:--

My Staked Projections

Now: - GWO ($-)
1 Day: - GWO ($-)
1 Week: - GWO ($-)
1 Month: - GWO ($-)

6 Months: - GWO ($-)
12 Months: - GWO ($-)

Yearly ROI (APY): -%

Staked GWO will farm and compound themselves automatically (every 8 hours) and grows exponentially!

My Wallet: - GWO
Stake GWO   

The AutoFarm is fully unlocked, means you can stake and unstake your GWO at any time, no fees are applied.

My Staked: - GWO
Unstake GWO   

Globally Staked: - GWO


Golden Animals produces Golden Wools every day, forever! No animal has been mistreated.


Sell GWO

My GWO: -
GWO Price: - TRX
GWO   Max
Will Receive: - TRX


My TRX: -
GWO Price: - TRX
TRX   Max
Will Receive: - GWO


Golden Wools is a DeFi ecosystem hosted on the Tron Blockchain, transparent and opensource. 

GoldenWools project is simple:

- Users acquire shares of a Farm (Sheeps), by investing TRX.

- These sheeps produces an amount of tokens GoldenWools (GWO) and distributes them among farmers, every day, forever!

- Farmers are free to claim their produced tokens (rewards) at any time, and either hold them or sell them for TRX.

Golden AUTO FARM is the last and most efficient farming technology available in the golden ecosystem.

AUTO FARM is totally unlocked, means you can stake and unstake your GWO at any time, without any fee applied, total freedom!

Staked GWO grows every 8 hours and compound themselves automatically, the user don't need to do anything, simply relax and watch them grow.

Thanks to the self compound formula, the resulting yield is massive compared to normal farms, while limiting the overall inflation.

More importantly, AUTOFARM APY is fixed, it don't go down with time.

Massive yield + low inflation + unlocked freedom = Best Farm Ever!

Golden Animals produces Golden Wools (GWO) continuously, and distributes them among all Animals holders.

By holding Animals, you will get Golden Wools (GWO) everyday, forever.

When a player get Animals, half his TRX are used to buy GWO from JustSwap exchange, the other half are used to add liquidity (among with the just bought GWO) to the GWO/TRX exchange liquidity pool.

This gives great support and value to Golden Wools (GWO) token. 

GoldenWools is very powerful:

One Click Staking
Unlike other complex DeFi projects, in GoldenWools players need just one click to start earning passive income forever.

Locked Liquidity
Unlike other DeFi projects, liquidity in GoldenWools is always locked for every player, this means nobody can remove it and crash the system, we are all in this together for the long haul.

Anti Inflation Tech
In the typical DeFi projects, the main token keep being produced everyday and eventually inflation kicks in, prices go down.
GoldenWools system is able to burn GWO tokens directly from inside the main GWO/TRX liquidity pool, actively boosting prices and fighting inflation without any effort from players.

Anti Inflation Function will be activated whenever needed and only after positive community voting (democracy) via telegram group. 


GoldenEggs has been (and is still) a great ecosystem!

However after long time, golden eggs prices went down (the infamous inflation problem) as every day a lot of tokens are produced by many farms.

We tried to fight inflation in GoldenEggs many times but it's a hard job, and that's why we created season 2, new technology, new ideas, new concepts!

Will GoldenWools have a GLDE/GLDI/GLDS farms?
Yes, GLDE/I/S farms will come to GoldenWools, but at this time only TRX are accepted. Keep in mind converting GLDE/I/S to TRX is easy and simple (golden dex)!

Every transaction in Tron costs a small blockchain fee (gas/energy fees), these fees are very small, in fact Tron is one of the cheapest (and fastest) cryptocurrencies in the world.

However, Golden Wools users can enjoy a community Free Energy pool, making their interactions with Golden Wools smartcontracts totally free!

Free Energy Pool is not unlimited and can be consumed, however it does constantly recharge automatically.   

GoldenWool new Technology allow us to Burn GWO tokens directly from inside the JustSwap exchange liquidity pool whenever needed/wanted.

After the whole community vote for a burning event (voting takes place in our telegram group, via polling), the burning mechanism is activated.

What happens is as follow:

1) an amount of liquidity (Sheep) is removed from the pool. This liquidity consist in an amount of TRX and GWO

2) the TRX removed are immediately used to buy GWO tokens from the pool, effectively injecting the TRX back to the pool, and removing more GWO

3) the GWO tokens received from the previous two points (1 and 2) is finally Burned forever

Result: the amount of TRX in the pool is the same as before, but the amount of GWO is lower (they have been burned).
This means, price of GWO is just increased automatically.

I have less Sheep after the burning event? Should I worry?

Sheep are really LP (liquidity pool) tokens, so any time an amount of liquidity (LP tokens) is burned, some Sheeps are just destroyed/burned.

This Sheep-Burning is reflected on every user, so it is normal that after a burning event everybody will have a bit less Sheep than before.

No value is lost!
While the number of Sheep go down a bit, the value ($$) of each remaining Sheep instantly increase, and the final result is no $ value is lost at all.

More importantly, if you was producing (for example) 10 GWO per day before, you will still keep producing 10 GWO per day after the burning event (less sheep but each remaining sheep produces more GWO, so the final result is nothing changed).

Even better, after a burning event, each Sheep is worth ($) more, each GWO is worth more ($price), this also means the daily profit ($) from production is increased!


About Golden Wools

GoldenWools (aka GoldenEggs Season2) is a DeFi ecosystem hosted on the Tron Blockchain, transparent and opensource.

It is the first Defi Dapp (among with GoldenEggs) that is easy to use, thanks to the "One Click Staking" function, and safe thanks to its embedded secured-locked liquidity mechanism. 

All liquidity is always locked forever, by default. This offers a great protection against impermanent losses also known as "rug pull", since nobody can take advantage of the system.

GoldenWools token price is fully dictated by supply and demand dynamics, the whole system is fully decentralized all the time. GoldenWools tokens can be bought and sold at any time.

There are 0 Fees when getting animals, 100% of funds goes straight to liquidity pool!

Claimed GWO (profit) are instantly minted by the official smartcontracts, +10% is minted to marketing and development fund.

GoldenWools is an entertainment vehicle and not an investment product.

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